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Working 5 days a week and not getting any rest between work is really mind bursting thing and no one wants to do it that way so no worries. In this blog we going to cover some of the best nightclubs in berlin you may be heard of or went through. these are some of the premium and luxurious clubs in berlin that will definitely make your night and you will get fun of every penny you will go to spend on. If you are new in Europe you must check some of the interesting facts about Europe culture and traditions and also I have mentioned the population of each country in Europe and I had explained a few of my favorite countries where you can visit with your budget.

If someone is planning for some of the best nightclubs in berlin today in this blog I am going to tell you few things about the nightclubs of Berlin and their bars, drinks and what you have to do to get easy access to it and also if you are planning to go any clubs in berlin you must have one partner to go so that it would be easier to go in and so that you can enjoy and have fun full night.


Here are some of the best clubs in berlin you must visit 


So, here are some of the best clubs in berlin with a brief to make you sure how is it before you visit berlin –


1. Anomalie Art Club

best night Clubs in berlin
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Anomalie Art club is one of the well-known and best nightclubs in berlin this club is for those who love visual design, arts, lightings, and anomalies art club had worked around the world and some of the best artists also played their Dj in Anomalie art club and Anomalie is also famous for hosting film screenings, art exhibitions, and open-air raves. Some of the people don’t like crowded clubs much other than looking for the best night club in berlin is Anomalie Art club.

Some of the artists who played their music in the Anomalie art club –

  • Igor Ochoa 
  • Asem Shama  
  • DJ Lion  
  • Maurice Mino  
  • Marvin Hey 

 Address–  AnomalieStorkower Str. 123, 10407 Berlin, Germany 



 best night Clubs in berlin
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  Kitkat is also one of my favorite clubs in berlin it’s special and more exciting than any best nightclub in berlin this club is known as venerable for sex and techno club. Kitkat is filled with half a dozen dancefloors, a beautiful swimming pool, and a great mock-operating room. Saturday nights are featured by the club’s flagship CarneBall Bizarre. KITKAT dress code is ALL BLACK and you can wear black pants and whatever you like at the top and it’s not necessary what you really it wholly depends on you how you enjoy everything at the time.

Address- Köpenicker Str. 76 10179 Berlin Germany 

3. OHM

best night Clubs in berlin
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OHM is totally bordered by KitKat club and Ohm is a best night clubs in Berlin-Mitte where you will most likely hear electronic music such as techno and house and is also known for its best service in berlin and people love to visit weekly with their loved ones. It holds a highly popular spot on the front between Kreuzberg and Mitte. Being a new club but it’s the one that is holding great in the markets of the club. The OHM venue is home to experimental electronic music, trendy nights like TRADE, and a noticeably younger crowd than other spots in the area.

Address- Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin,. . 

 4. Loophole Berlin

best night Clubs in berlin
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Loophole Berlin is like a friendly bar for everyone and it’s not that much costly like other clubs as I have mentioned above and loophole berlin is also known as one of the best nightclubs in berlin for its electro-techno music, arts, and cheap beers and wines that you can enjoy with your loved ones and loophole is also famous for its best service in time and if you love the service you can also tip a guy.

Address- Boddinstrasse 60 Neukölln 12053 Berlin. 

5. Tresor

best night Clubs in berlin
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Tresor is also one of the famous and best nightclubs in berlin and is an underground techno club in berlin. Tresor is continued to be expanded and renewed yearly so as to look perfect and even it looks new. The last time I visited there they just expanded for more area and Globus floor. The location around the club is really breathtaking and satisfying. You won’t regret your experience in the basement, a black hole occasionally punctuated by flashing with some of the loudest, harshest techno it’s humanly possible to hear it.

Address- Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin, Germany 

6. St.Georg

 best night Clubs in berlin
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St, Georg is one of the best nightclubs in berlin. This place is very special and mind-blowing for the middle-class kids who love to do hip hop and freestyle dance In a large basement club, the parties are really hot, and finding the entrance to get in is too hard during a program is going on. St. Georg also organizes film screenings or readings in its program at regular intervals. 

Address- Ritterstraße 26 10969 Berlin. Quarter: Kreuzberg. 

7. Ritter Butzke

best night Clubs in berlin
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Mark this club as your next one of the favorite clubs in berlin looking for the best nightclub in berlin. It’s a 3-floor nightclub within a former factory, known for playing electro music & regular live concerts in berlin. Ritter Butzke is one of the famous and a hot places for the best clubbing in berlin because of its imagination decoration and its interior design and a very satisfying booking policy. So if you want to get in without any trouble you must go earlier other is the wait is going to make you night into morning.

Address- Ritterstraße 26, 10969 Berlin, Germany 

8. Berghain

best night Clubs in berlin

Berghain is one of the most popular and overrated best nightclubs in Berlin( Berghain) and getting in Berghain is one of the difficult tasks to do. It is a nightclub in Berlin, Germany. The entry fee for Berghain admittance into the coveted nightclub is €18, Berghain will start charging people €5 for re-entry into the club when it used to be free before the time. Berghain attracts the world’s best DJ and because of that, it is known as one of the best clubs in the world. Berghain drink costs vary from 10-14 and others depend on your consumption. Also, the music in Berghain is electro, EDM, and trance type to wake you up from any kind of stress or anxiety. Berghain is open for all from Friday night to Monday with its completely fabulous dark rooms. Berghain is known for its policy and reputation. So whenever you went Berghain for clubbing stay in queue be patient don’t be impatient and don’t dare to argue. The security of Berghain is too cool even you can’t do anything bad or intolerable things inside and if you dare to do you will be kicked out of the clubs instantly. The dance floor of Berghain is not so large and not so big so an average dance floor is there but that is enough to enjoy.

Address- Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin, Germany 

9. Schwuz

 best night Clubs in berlin
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Schwuz is also one of the best clubs from the 10 best nightclubs in Berlin and is known as one of the best and largest running institutions. A variety of underground programs and functions are held there in Schwuz and it attracts most of the nearby people and all enjoy there wholly and take advantage of the full warehouse there at Schwuz.

Address- Rollbergstraße 26, 12053 Berlin, Germany 

10. Club der Visionaere 

best night Clubs in berlin
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 Club der Visionaere is also the best one of the best nightclubs in berlin from berlin and is located near the water and is made under the beautiful willow. And a wooden sun terrace & electronic music, known for Sunday afternoon parties. To enter inside there is a small door for entrance and an average dance floor to enjoy the bliss and the weather inside the club. And is known as the best for summer to enjoy a glass of beer with your loved ones.

Address- Am Flutgraben, 12435 Berlin, Germany 


Above I have mentioned all the best and affordable clubs in berlin that anyone can get in So at the end of this blog I just want to thank you for reading this blog and I hope you liked the blog and if you were new to this website do let me know your valuable review about these clubs how you liked the blog and if you want to know about some of the best traditional and national dishes of Europe countries do check out and let me know which one you going to eat or already had.

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