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Sunday? Why this Sunday is the only day before Monday and after Saturday that always kicks me in to work harder so that I can rest and just chill this Sunday with my friends or with my family ones. So friends Sunday is the day of joy happiness and most probably free for those who work the whole week but it’s kinda a more burden day for all the Mothers. This day not only makes you feel lazy but also by sitting the whole day watching tv, Netflix also makes you feel hungry after a few hours. But Sunday can be more useful to you if you use it for the planning of your coming Monday with some of the best Best Monday Quotes (2021)- Motivational | Inspirational. So guys today In this blog I came up with the Best Sunday quotes and Captions to not only make your Sunday best but your mood and your social profile too.

Here are some of the best Sunday Quotes and Captions





1. “The city takes a breath on Sunday. Of all that’s lost with the pursuit of what’s next, I hope we don’t lose that…”

2. “Sundays… Sleep until you’re hungry. Then eat until you’re sleepy.” 

3. “Do not let your Sunday be taken from you. If your soul has no Sunday, it becomes an orphan.”

4. “Start this Sunday with a clean heart. No doubt, no tears, no fear, no worry. Thank God for his priceless gifts and miracles throughout the world.” 

5. “Cheers to Sunday. Snuggle by the fire, read a good book, have a hot cup of coffee, watch an old movie, relax and enjoy the day.” 

6. “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.”

7. “Connect with your loved ones today, HAPPY SUNDAY . 

8. “A day to relax, refreshed, restored and renewed.” 

9. “The world is beautiful, and one should allure its beauty. Enjoy your Sunday and feel the universe.” 

10. “Sunday is a day of rest because it’s different than the rest.” 

11.  “Enjoy the beautiful day with a picnic. Have an enjoyable Sunday!.

12. “Life gives you lots of changes to face situations. Sunday morning gives you a feeling like the beautiful day to enjoy it.” 

13. “Make it a part of your meditation enjoy your entity with full determination. Have a great Sunday.” 

14. “Sunday allows people to spend time with family and friends. It’s a special day for enjoyment and relaxation.” 

15. “Sunday is the perfect day. You know you had a fascinating week. It’s time to recover and think about how you want to spend the next one.”





  1. “SUNDAY clear away the rust of the whole week.”

2. “Sundays are like confetti floating in the air in slow motion, in the evening they reach the ground and you hope a bit of wind could blow on them so they could fly a bit longer.” 

3. “The past week may not have turned out as planned. But hey! It is Sunday. There’s light ahead. A whole week of limitless possibilities ahead. Stay hopeful, stay positive. Have a beautiful Sunday.”

4. “Sunday is the day when I prepare for the week ahead by making improbable To Do lists and browsing Pinterest for ideas on how to decorate my imaginary mansion.”

5. “Happy Sunday! If you are happy today, share this joy with the Lord, if you are sad, find strength in God, and remember that He is always in your heart.” 

6. “Sunday is a day of reflection. A day in which we think of the week past, and of the week ahead. Have a happy Sunday.”

7. “Whisper your prayers, shout them loud or groan…God hears them and sees your sincerity. May you find succor in His presence today. Have a happy Sunday.” 

8. “There is always something new to learn and feel each Sunday.”

9. “It can be everyday but not as Authentic as on Sunday.”

10. “On this wonderful sunday, but don’t forget to be thankful for the little things in life.”

11. “Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.” 

12. “Sunday: A day given over by Americans to wishing that they themselves were dead and in Heaven, and that their neighbors were dead and in Hell.”

13. “On Sundays when I speak, I hopefully give somebody something that they can use the next day at work or at home.” 

14. “Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless.”   

15. “Start this Sunday morning with a clean heart. No doubt, no tears, no fear, no worry. Thank God for his priceless gifts & miracles throughout the world.”






1.”Sleep until you’re hungry and eat until you’re sleepy.”

2.”Sunday is for Snuggling.”

3.”Pyjamas all day!! coz it’s Sunday.”

4. ” Help…… I’ve ran out of weekend.”

5.”Sunday should come with a pause button.”

6. I like to spends my Suday nights wishing it was’nt a sunday night.”

7.” A Sunday well spent brings back the content of the day.”

8. “It’s Sunday, therefore I am 100% motivated to do nothing today!”

9.”Start this Sunday with a clean heart. No doubt, no tears, no fear, no worry.”

10. “Sunday Morning Workout, Coffe Cup Curls.”

11. ” 3 of the worst word to hear…….  Tommorow is Monday.”

12. ” That horrible feeling on Sunday night when you realise what tommorow is….”

13.”I think Sunday should 48 hours instead of usual 24, so we have more time to prepare.” 

14. ” KEEP CALM because it’s BACK TO WORK TOMMOROW.”

15. ” I’m not ready for Monday……. Can i have another Sunday.”





1.Palm Sunday is all about the voluntary death of Jesus. He came to die. He planned to die. He intended to die” – Luke 13: 33

2.I hope Sunday is not the only day of the week you go to God, each Sunday is special but today more so…Happy Palm Sunday!”

3.Palm Sunday is like a glimpse of Easter. It’s a little bit joyful after being somber during Lent.” – Laura Gale

4.Alleluia, how the people cheer and palm leaves rustle as the king draws near.” – John Beavis

5.May the spirit of this holy occasion, the warmth of the season make your heart bloom with joy and happiness, have a blessed Palm Sunday.”

6.Today, many years ago, He rode a donkey not a horse. Peace is still the way He travels.” -Unknown

7.As the nature blooms with the coming of The Lord, I wish that during this Palm Sunday your heart blooms with happiness and joy forever! Palm Sunday greetings to you and your family!

8.The Lord comes with trumpet blasts, He comes with shouts of joy! Wishing you a blessed Palm Sunday 2017!

9.Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest.”

10.Today, we remember not just Jesus’ entry in to Jerusalem in the past, but also his entry in the future.”

11.As the nature blooms with the coming of The Lord, I wish that this Palm Sunday Even your heart blooms with happiness and joy forever!”

12.Jesus found a donkey and sat upon it, as Scripture says: Do not fear, city of Zion! See, your king is coming, sitting on the colt of a donkey!” – John 12:14

13.The Lord comes with trumpet blasts, He comes with shouts of joy! Wishing you a blessed Palm Sunday!”

14.No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown.” – William Penn

15.Palm Sunday’s thought; Life is full of ups and downs. Glorify God during the ups and fully trust in Him during the downs.” – Unknown


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So in this whole blog I just covered up some of the best Sunday Quotes and Captions 2021 to make your Sunday more bright and enlightened above I have also mentioned some of the best palm scriptures quotes from one of the best sites on the internet If you liked the quotes do let me share your views regarding quotes or if you want to add something just let me know through comment or you can mail us.

Thank You!

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